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Mailbox Specifications and Resources

Mailbox must be black approximately as shown above with outer dimensions of 10 1/2" tall by 8 1/8" wide by 21 1/2" deep.

Available through Lowe's
Solar Group Classic Large Size Premium Steel Mailbox - Black
Item # 39084
Model C1600B00
Check your local Lowe's store for current price.

Newspaper Tube

A limited number of newspaper tubes (and installation brackets) are available without cost from the Architectural Review Committee. Please notify the Committee through the Contact Us page of the Lake Forest Highlands website if you need a replacement. After this supply is depleted, owners will need to obtain a tube meeting the specifications below. Owners are strongly encouraged to re-use your old tube.

Tube Dimensions: 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide by 20 inches deep

Made and Installed Mailbox Posts

If you would prefer to avoid the work and effort of removing your mailbox post and building, painting and installing a new post, you can contact one of the following vendors or choose a vendor of your own to construct and install the post for you:

Jerry Saren:(734) 657-5733
Curtis Manuel:(734) 260-5696

A rough vendor estimate of cost for new post construction and installation is:

Single Post:$275
Double post:$300

Do It Yourself

If you're interested in building your own replacement post, or if you'd like to share the specs with your contractor, please click on the link below.

Complete Mailbox Post Replacement Specifications

COMING SOON: We plan on providing a Materials List and directions with sketches to help those interested in making this a DIY project. Please check back for additional documents!

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